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Avengers Assembly: Orientation

This is book 1 of 3 of the Marvel Avengers Assembly series from @scholasticinc and this book is from the perspective of Kamala Khan, Ms.Marvel (the other two include her but are from the perspective of Squirrel Girl and Spiderman-Miles Morales).

Genre: MG graphic novel

Ages: 9-12

Availabek: Amazon

Screening: allusion to crushes, beating up bad guys, mention of an underwear/potty humor (pretty clean in general)

Kamala is trying to figure out her way as Ms.Marvel when she is invited to join the Avengers Institute, from the principal Captain Marvel. Kamala is worried about the extra pressure in her life, but she ends up making new friends with Squirrel Girl and Spider-Man. She also learns a lot from her teachers, including the Beast and Ant-Man. When a school Decathalon poses problems for Kamala, how will she react and what will she learn?

This graphic novel was super adorable, and it was full of comics, excerpts from Kamala’s Marvel fanfiction which is something she does on the side, texts to her friends Bruno and Nakia, insights into her mind, and more doodles.

Though Kamala is still the 16-year-old from the other comics, this particular series illustrates her very similar to a younger girl, as well as keeps the content cleaner and much more innocent for the younger readers who are interested in superheroes.

Islamically, I was impressed! Kamala’s mom, sister in law, and friend wear hijab. Two ayahs of the Quran are referenced as said by her loving dad and Kamala learns from them. And the Sheikh from the Masjid is referenced as giving good advice. Nakia, Kamala‘s friend, encourages her to come to the mosque to learn with her, as well, which I thought was a nice touch. Desi food is also mentioned briefly.

I enjoyed this book about Ms. Marvel, and I’m interested in reading the rest of the series in the future.

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