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Ayesha At Last

Islamic screening: music ref, ref of pornography, premarital relations/dating, pregnancy/abortion, girl/boy interaction, drinking alcohol/smoking.

🌟I actually loved the way this book was written. It might seem like it contains a lot of “haram” topics, but the way it was done was a refreshing and outstanding way- it presented these real issues and showed how it is better not to do them! I actually feel like it is perfect for older teens b/c it shows the consequences of making wrong choices. And it does that without preaching at all.

🌟There was some light touching/closeness between Ayesha and Khalid before engagement; which made me uncomfortable.

🌟Summary: Ayesha is a 27 yr old teaching to pay her debts to her uncle (though she prefers writing poetry). Khalid is a website developer/manager facing prejudice at work for the traditional way (thobe) he dresses. His co-worker Clara, Ayesha’s bff, introduces them and they “sort of” hit-it-off (after slight misunderstanding). Hafsa, Ayesha’s cousin, gets engaged to him, an arrangement orchestrated by his “evil” mom, but Hafsa is spoiled and immature (she gives off the good-girl aura to aunties). Ayesha and Khalid struggle to admit their feelings for each other, but finally end up engaged to each other at the end. (And save Hafsa from danger)

🌟Another story arc-Zareena, Khalid’s sister, shows happiness even after an “arranged” marriage. (This reminded me of a hadith where a woman told the Prophet (pbuh) about her dad forcing her to marry a guy, and the Prophet said she was free to leave and it wasn’t ok. But she said, i am happy with him, I just want to make a point about forced marriages being wrong)! Showing these things happen, saying they are wrong in Islam, and then showing other ways of getting married- I really liked the way it was presented in this book. 🌟Clara and Rob’s story arch (and comparison to Khadija (RA) proposal to the Prophet (pbuh) was amazing!

🌟The book is extremely relatable for young Muslims and talks of imp issues.

🌟I also loved the pride and prejudice influences, though the book still stands on its own!


price: 11 usd

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