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Ayesha Dean: Istanbul Intrigue

Age recommendation: it says this is a YA book (14 and up) though Ayesha is 18. (I did feel like her personality would have been more fitted for a 15 year old)

I personally felt like it would be a good read for girls ages 12-15 because of the writing style.

Islamic screening: nothing seriously uncomfortable, mentions of some crushes but no dating or physical relationships

If you were, or are, a fan of Nancy Drew mystery books then you will notice the similarities in this book and the style of those mystery books. It is an engaging style with a lot of good, fun details and a fun mystery that is solved at the end. The mystery and the way it was solved were presented really well, though I did want to see a stronger motivational reason at why Ayesha would be so concerned with solving it, especially at times to her detriment. Summary- Ayesha is in Istanbul with her friends Sara and Jess, as well as her Uncle ( who raised her after her parents passed away). While shopping for an antique book to gift her uncle, Ayesha stumbles across a strange note in the back of one of the books. It leads her to traveling all over Istanbul and in the end she finally figures out who stole the valuable item the note talks about.

I love how the book includes vivid references to Turkish culture and Istanbul.

I also liked that it included Islamic history and was about valuable Islamic manuscripts, and the importance of preserving them.

The pride in Ayesha for being Muslim, though those around her weren’t, was inspiring to see. I liked how she meshed so well with her friends and family. Such a beautiful story of acceptance.

The book is a fun read for preteens and it does display a Muslim character who loves fashion and solving mysteries, which is relatable to a lot of young girls.

I did wonder at some of the details in the book (like what they ate or wore), feeling them a little superfluous and not adding anything that I could see to the main point of the story.

As a whole: I wish this was written when I was a pre-teen! It is exciting and overall a WONDERFUL read for that age group.

Price: 11 usd


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