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Baba What Does My Name Mean

Using my platform to uplift #palestinianvoices and #palestinianauthors in an effort to bring awareness to the ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and colonialism of this land, and in order to show the beauty of Palestine💚

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 6-9

Available: Amazon

This book is absolutely gorgeous!! I was so impressed with the kindle version, I ordered the hardcover and I can’t wait for it to come in so I can read it to my kids! It is so important to teach them to love Palestine!

In the book @babawhatdoesmynamemean does a wonderful job exploring Palestine through the eyes of little Saamidah! (Can I say that this unique name is amazing!) Saamidah’s name means the epitome of what a Palestinian is, a persistent, patient, and steadfast person, and honestly, if the current events have shown us anything, its that Palestinians are Saamidoon, even in the face of tyranny!

Saamidah is transported on the back of Salaam, the dove, (a symbol of peace) to the land of Palestine and explores all the cities and what they are famous for! I loved that the book was one written of joy, and rich with food, clothing, and Palestinian culture. This truly brings light to the fact that Palestine has a rich heritage and humanity, and it must not be erased!

Through Saamidah’s travels, the reader visits Areeha, Al-Quds, Nablus, Yafa, Haifa, Akka, Gaza, Bethlehem, and Al-Khalil! Each city is described through geography and ethnicity and the illustrator truly does an astounding job with the vibrant pictures showing the beauty of Falastin!

The book ends with a promise to educate the world so that Palestine can be free🤲

I loved the discussion questions at the end that really help the reader connect to the text, and the Arabic glossary was very useful.

it is so important to read books like this to our children, preserve Palestinian heritage, and learn the meaning of these beautiful Arabic words that are tied to this holy land in order to resist this ethnic cleansing. They are trying to erase Palestine, but we uplift it with our books and with our voices! And even if they force Palestinians from their lands, which must stop, Palestine always lives in our hearts!💚

price: 17 usd


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