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Babajoon's Treasure

A gorgeous book on a granddaughter who is growing up in America and her connection with her Persian grandfather who has immigrated from Iran.

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-8

Author: Farnaz Esnaashari

Illustrator: Nabi H Ali

Publisher: Salaam Reads/ Simon and Schuster

Preorder before the March 28 publication date❤️

Miriam is so excited to spend a week at her grandparents house during the summer. But when she spies a gold coin dropping out of her Babjoon’s pocket, she assumes her grandfather is a pirate. Especially since he speaks to parrots and speaks a language she has not heard, and almost eats his treasure! But when she stops him, he laughs and informs her that he is eating nabat, rock candy, and that all his treasures and pirate qualities are actually his Persian culture. Miriam is sad that she doesn’t know the language and the culture of her grandfather but he draws parallels from his new home in America and how he learned to adjust and tells her that she can learn about Iran as well. And they return home together!❤️

I just loved the illustrations of this book. The paint splashed everywhere, the pirate drawings, the gorgeous coins splashed on the cover that shimmer with every movement, the joy just radiating out of the book, and how Persian culture is treasured just like a pirate’s chest!

I also love how this book is going to be very relevant to everyone who is growing up in the west with grandparents who immigrated. It is going to be a treasure for children that shows them joy in being different and that being from a different heritage is beautiful. It also normalizes them learning about a heritage they might not know much about due to being children of children of immigrants.

Definitely a gorgeous book that will sparkle on every bookshelf.


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