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Baby's First Islamic Touch & Feel Book

Updated: May 7, 2020

This is an adorable board book for ages children 1 and up by Little Muslim Books .

Each page contains two simple words that can be repeated to your child while they feel a new texture. This is great for sensory development and sensory learners!

There is a wooly camel, a soft prayer mat, a silky hijab, a sparkly moon, a furry beard and more...

I am so happy that there are products to introduce Islamic ideas even from a young age. I feel like babies are very smart and perceptive, and they learn from what they are exposed to.

It is proven that reading to babies makes them smarter, even if we might think they don’t understand!

The book’s words are simple to learn and the pictures beautiful!

Get yours now from Little Muslim Books for 12.99 £


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