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Baby's First Ramadan

I enjoyed this sweet board book about Ramadan, and so did my toddler❤️

Genre: Board Book

Ages: 0-3

Available: Amazon

I was pretty impressed with the amount of information about Ramadan in this little board book. In 12 pages, Ramadan is discussed-including who celebrates it, when it starts, suhoor, prayer, quran, iftar, and Eid! I was really glad the information was accurate as many times Ramadan books have errors about fasting times (and delighted to see a Muslim author used as sensitivity reader for this book @ayakhalilauthor ❤️).

I thought the intermixing of photos and graphics were adorable! I enjoyed seeing real people and the Muslim joy on the pages made my heart smile!

My toddler enjoyed me reading it to her and the book is sturdy enough to withstand my baby’s little hands when she grabbed it from us (and promptly put it in her mouth).

A cute addition to our Ramadan bookshelf!⭐️❤️

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