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Badir and the Beaver

Genre: Chapter Book

Ages: 6-10

Available: Amazon

price: 7 usd


Islamic screening: clean! hijab is shown on twin girl babies for some reason 😅 Masjid is described as Mosque (seems not written by a Muslim). Ramadan/iftar is mentioned and described well.

Story: Badir and his family have recently emigrated from Tunisia to Canada and Badir is excited to see everything new in Canada. When he sees a beaver, the national animal for Canada, in his park pond, he gets super excited.

But when someone threatens to trap the beaver and get rid of it due to it eating the trees, Badir talks to his teacher and neighbor and they come up with a plan to protect the park trees and also keep the beaver in the pond.

Badir does a lot of research and his social friendly nature gains him a lot of friends, even the man in charge of “trapping” the beaver.

And eventually, the beaver is kept safe and the trees protected.

The book reads very easily for little readers and Badir’s background, culture, and religion are introduced throughout the story. The beaver seems to be important to Badir almost as a symbol of his own attempt at adapting to a new environment.

Badir’s differences/cultural identity are mentioned but are not super relevant. They are stated, but not the focus of the story. This is just a story of an immigrant child joining his community in a valuable ecological project!

A positive and lighthearted story for kids!

There is a lot of information written about beavers and the environment, and I found the book very informative.

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