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Basirah the Basketballer says Insha Allah

My kids really liked this book, especially since we are currently a family obsessed with basketball!

This newest addition to Ruqaya's Bookshelf and written by Hafsah Dabiri has a lot of cute themes and lessons that kids can learn from.

It is probably the most “Islamic” of the books, with the word inshaAllah explained and present throughout the book.

I like how the story shows that Basirah might not have gotten what she wanted (team captain) but that Allah’s plans are always better for us. Basirah learns to overcome her feelings of jealousy and recognize that friendship and teamwork are more important than just one really good player.

Also, how cute are the illustrations. My favorite is the last page, with her winking at the reader😉

I also liked how Basirah is really close to her Dad! Another super supportive and caring Dad figure in an Islamic book.

Get yours from Ruqaya's Bookshelf website for 12.49.


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