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Beautifully Different

“Beautifully Different” by Dana Salim of Yousuf's Everyday Adventures is a wonderful book with a beautiful message. My kids were entranced with the vivid colors, and I thought the little boy was so cute!

The story starts with the little boy, Yousuf, asking his dad why everyone is different from each other, and that wouldn’t it be easier if everyone was the same.

He goes on an adventure into Flowerland to discover the answer, which is displayed through the symbolism of different flowers: that together, with our beautiful differences, we can push the “weeds away”. I love the fact that this book highlights that being different is not bad, but a beautiful thing. This gives kids confidence in themselves and helps them realize that together, they can do anything.

This book can easily be read to Kids 4 year olds and up, because of its cute rhyming verses and lovely illustrations.

Definitely one of our favorite reads!

Get yours from DSpublishing for 15.99 us dollars.

link: http://www.danasalim.com/shop/beautifully-different-by-dana-salim

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