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Bedtime Sunnahs

I really loved this book from Prolance .

It is a great bedtime story for kids, and I would suggest keeping it on hand besides your children’s bed each night.

The story contains cute rhymes and adorable illustrations, while teaching children the sunnahs they should do before bed! It is awesome having such a fun resource that will teach your kids and inspire them to learn and apply the rituals a Muslim should do before bed.

A lot of these are hygienic too (yay for brushing teeth) and in fact, it is advised by many childhood experts to have a bedtime routine for kids, and that it helps them sleep better at night. SubhanAllah how everything in our beautiful religion is useful to do and helps promote mental and physical health.

The end of the book contains an appendix with the ahadith about the bedtime sunnahs, and this was nice for me to read myself, so I can be inspired to implement these before my kid’s sleep instead of rushing to just put them to sleep (as I often do!)

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price: 15 usd

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