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Beneath the Crimson Circle

I can’t believe it took me so long to read a @farahzamanauthor book and judging by this one, WOW her writing is AMAZING and since this is book four, I need to purchase and read the other 3 STAT!!!

Genre: Upper MG Book

Ages: 12-15

Available: my Amazon page- link in bio

Screening: these really are all minor and I consider it clean: a side character-the guy accused of murder has a girlfriend who appears in the story but no intimacy happens and they end up engaged at the end. Jinn/ifrit mentioned as existing, an exorcism is glimpsed at by the kids and seen as something scary but no fantasy elements or actual Jinn present.

Lots of spying and sleuthing going on and some lying (a part of their detective work).

The four teenage sleuths (Zayd, Zahra, Adam, Layla) find themselves in Egypt on vacation, when they learn of a recent murder of a Professor in the archeological site. While discovering and digging through cool ruins, and enjoying the Nohan sites, they work hard to find the real murderer, as they believe that the guy accused of murder has been framed. Lots of twists and turns later…they find the true murderer…and solve an even bigger mystery as well!

Wow, the writing!!!!!! I just can’t rave enough about the quality of the writing. I kept laughing and smiling so wide because I remembered my days reading Nancy Drew mysteries and honestly the quality of the mystery and the set up was so well done I genuinely felt like it is Traditional-publishing-level. It exceeded any expectations I had and was full of so much fun layers I am sure teens will love! And a huge plus: ITS CLEAN❤️❤️

Islamically, there was a lot that made it feel like a wholesome book with Muslim kids living their deen and just participating in a fun adventurous mystery! There was Jummaa mentioned a few times, judgement day,resurrection, the trumpet, a few salaams, hijab and an islamaphobia/judgement incident dealt with confidently, Thank Allah statements, and reading Ayat al kirsi after a nightmare.

Def a recommendation from ME and I totally was able to read this one on its own though I assume its probably even better to read all four in order!!!❤️

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