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Best Kid's Resources for Learning about the Prophets of Allah

One of my favorite memories when I was little was curling up on couches with my family while my dad told us the stories of the Prophets and Messengers of Allah. It is super important for us to teach our kids and learn from these stories, and their lessons and beautiful moral tales are present all over the Quran.

Nowadays, it is even easier to teach our children about the Prophets, and the different resources make it even MORE Fun!

I have compiled a list of Islamic Kids books about the Prophets (Only ones I have personally read and approved!)

Each one has a link to buy it from an Islamic business!!

Scroll down to find the link for free printables on my website about the Prophets, as well as a youtube clip with Prophets trivia perfect for Family Game night!

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Islamic Books:

For Ages 0-3: Board books

My First Book about Prophet Muhammad

The Ark of Nuh

Ibrahim's Search for Allah

For Ages 4-6:

Adam and God's Creation

Prophet Muhammad Busy Book

Little Muslim Busy Book

Ibrahim the Builder

The Adventures of Nuh's Ark

Prophet Suleiman and the Queen Ant

The Ark of Nuh Puzzle

The Ant's Panic

Prophet Stories from the Quran with Activities

For Ages 5-8:

Migo and Ali: Love of the Prophets

The Prophet's Pond

The Sad Stump

A Whale of a Wish

My Prophet Muhammad

The Seerah Trail

The Giant Journey Puzzle

Prophets Mini Activity book series by Kube Publishing

The Story of Yunus: Written by Me

For Ages 8-12:

Stories of the Prophets- 5 book set with Activities

Seerah FivePillars Board Game

For Ages 13 and up:

The King, The Queen, and The Hooopoe Bird

Seerah FivePillars Board Game

Free Printables:


Youtube Trivia Video:

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