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Better Together Cinderella

“Stars show their brilliance when they shine together”❤️⭐️

Genre: Picture Book

Ages: 4-6


Oh my heart❤️ This second book in this modern retelling princess series (I hope there is more!) by @ashleyfranklinwrites is so adorable and absolutely perfect for this huge princess fan😍

This book talks about the big feelings and emotions a child has when becoming a big sister. Weaving a modern tale of Cinderella into Tameika’s insecurity of whether there is a place for her in the family with twin babies, the author does a fabulous job at showing young readers how to navigate their feelings and “shine” as a family!

I loved the Cinderella touches, and my toddler was especially excited to see the glass slipper!

This book is perfect for my toddler, who is still struggling to adjust to having a baby sister. I love how it acknowledges that making place for new siblings is super hard for everyone in the family, and that it’s not perfect, but then it still ends up being a new sort of perfect in the end (with family love)❤️

Also shout out to Khadija: Tamieka‘s best friend in the story! There was a point where she was wearing hijab and my toddler got so excited and pointed it out! She was also pictured with her hair uncovered on some spreads, and I really like this. It shows what a lot of young Muslim girls do, which is to wear hijab part time when they are young. It also could’ve meant that she uncovered indoors by her friend and wore the hijab outdoors, which is also a reality of hijabis!

I love the Black joy in the book, with this adorable little girl representing a perfect little princess and a beautiful perfect family. It is so important for our kids to associate positive messages and princesses with being Black, to counteract the very negative and unfortunately present racism in our societies.

Also I think it’s pretty awesome seeing a Black Muslim author wearing a hijab on the back cover, and I made sure to show my kids Ashley Franklin’s author picture❤️❤️

⭐️⭐️⭐️Also have you heard? The first book in this series is one of the @centralyorkbannedbooks !Make sure to support marginalized voices and not allow racist bans to win!


price: 15 usd

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