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Bhai For Now

OMG this book made me cry and reminded me why the MG category will just always be my favorite book genre🥰❤️❤️

Genre: MG

Ages: 9-12

Author: @malsidink

Cover by: @jalebimilk

Published by @scholasticinc

Available: preorder before the October release date (preorders support authors!!)

Shaheer and Ashar are twins…but they have never met. Shaheer moves around a lot with his dad, and Ashar and his mom have only recently moved out of his Uncle’s house. When they crash into each other at school, they hatch a plan to switch places and maybe, just maybe, their parents might decide to stay in the same place so the boys can stay together.

This book was so FUN to read, with school, funny kid statements, sports, and so much more MG coolness!

This is a retelling of the popular movie PARENT TRAP but absolutely stands on its own and is just an amazing book on the importance of faith and family❤️

Oh man this book made me cry! The emotions of the boys and how they dealt with the very real hardships of a tumultuous divorce between their parents are so sad, but also so necessary! So many children need to be able to read these stories, and these types of books will help children learn to cope and even if they aren’t in this situation, they will learn empathy and love for their siblings and family members. I felt the positive messaging was very age appropriate and it truly is such a NECESSARY book!

I loved how this book showed two very different Muslim families, and even if they practiced differently, ISLAM was shown as their uniting factor and way of finding peace in the end! I loved how the final scene was at the Masjid!

So much Islam- Masjids, Salams, praying, wudu, jummah, charity, and soooo much more- I was genuinely so impressed and felt so seen by this book!

Truly books like this showing Muslim kids that love their faith, love their families, and have real life stories show positive Islam messaging and help Muslim kids feel like they belong!

Def a Must HAVE❤️

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