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Bibi's Blessing

⭐️⭐️⭐️One of my ABSOLUTE Favorites!!!⠀

I was so impressed with this book by @lelagoldsmith

The book is set in Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya, and the whole book truly gives the reader a beautiful window into the island and life there.⠀

I loved the well-written story, the gorgeous pictures, and the diverse details. The last two pages are an info page about Lamu (near Kenya) and a glossary of Swahili words used in the book.⠀

The book is a#ownvoicespicture book, written about the author’s personal experiences in her childhood in Lamu. It one hundred percent is authentic, and is relatable to children of all backgrounds. I felt myself emotionally connected to the story and invested in seeing what happens.⠀

The story follows a little girl who is selling her grandmother Bibi’s mofas (a type of bread). She is in a hurry because she wants to visit her friend, and ends up accidentally dropping them all on the ground. She cries and goes home without making any money, but Bibi says, just like she always does, “Thank God for this blessing.” The little girl is confused...and after more mishaps, asks her grandmother why she keeps saying that, as what blessings can there be in those mishaps!? The grandmother smiles and a creative twist end really does prove that mishaps can end up being a blessing. The little girl ends up learning the valuable lesson of being grateful to Allah for all her blessings, especially the blessing of her wonderful Bibi❤️⠀

The lessons in this book are so numerous and wonderful!! ⠀

I remembered the hadith about how as long as a person has full reliance in Allah, Allah will send them home with Rizq (like a bird that flies out in search of sustenance). ⠀

The book teaches gratitude, patience, love, and creativity!! I loved the relationship between Bibi and her granddaughter and I love how its a unique family structure in an Islamic book!⠀

Such a beautiful book and I recommend it for all kids ages 5-9! ⠀

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price: 12.89

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