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Big Red Lollipop

This book is honestly so unique and the twist at the end was really amazing, and makes the book very memorable for kids.⠀

I truly felt like this book could be relatable to all kids- with themes such as sibling rivalry, parental rules, older sibling responsibility, as well as school relationships and friendships.⠀

Rubina is invited to her first birthday party. She tells her mother, who wears a hijab and traditional desi clothing, that she wants to go, and her mother questions the purpose of birthdays. (This was pretty funny and very accurate- many people in Eastern countries don’t really celebrate birthdays) ⠀

Rubina’s little sister Sana wants to go, and the mom tells Rubina she can’t go unless she takes Sana along. (How accurate for older siblings-I remember dragging my little sister along too, much to my annoyance😅) ⠀

Sana is the only little sister at the party and she cries. Rubina is embarrassed, and she knows her friends won’t invite her again. ⠀

They are handed a goody bag, and the little sister eats it all rught away. But Rubina saves her big red lollipop for later.⠀

When Rubina gets up the next day, she sees that Sana has eaten the lollipop, and she chases her around the house screaming. But Ami tells her to stop. Rubina feels sad and angry and the reader really feels for her!⠀

Then...Sana gets invited to a birthday party, and its her turn for the littlest sister Maryam to whine about going along with her. Rubina contemplates letting it happen, to give her a taste of her own medicine (Ami insists on it again), but she ends up convincing her mom not to send little Maryam. This is a really huge part of the book- where we see Rubina mature and be the bigger person. We also see Ami listen to Rubina’s advice!⠀

Sana, in appreciation, gets Rubina a big GREEN lollipop, and this lollipop signifies the beginning of a beautiful sister-friendship! The ending of the book definitely made the reader smile!

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