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Bilal's Brilliant Bee

What a hilarious chapter book about a Muslim character!

Genre: Chapter book

Ages: 6-9

Available: Amazon

Islamic screening: clean

Bilal has a difficult time at school! He just can’t seem to remember the answers for his test. When a buzzing bee flies into his room and gives him answers, he starts doing extremely well (the answers are HILARIOUS). Then, he actually gets to go on national television to a show no one has ever won before, all thanks to his bee. What happens when the bee doesn’t know an answer…will Bilal win??

Oh my goodness, I unearthed this gem on with the character having the name of a Muslim, and I am so glad I found it! It is so simple but oh so cute and funny, perfect for little readers!

Bilal’s Nanu wears hijab and desi food is mentioned as well!

A cute and funny story, no Islamic lessons, but a universal lesson of believing in yourself and being creative and inventive, even when tests at school are hard.

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