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Bilal's Second Surprise

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

This is such a heartwarming and lovely new book from @ruqayas.bookshelf

Bilal just got a tower of legos for getting all A’s on his report card. He is really excited about these legos and spends his day stacking the tower slowly, making sure it is perfect! His mom mentions that there is a second surprise coming, but Bilal doesn’t notice because he is too busy playing legos...⠀ But then weird things start happening- grandma is in his parents bed, baba comes home and almost crashes the tower, and then brushes his teeth with a comb, and mixes Wudu all up! (The book include the correct steps of Wudu) ⠀ Bilals dad also faces the wrong way when praying, and sits in a tricycle instead of his car. Bila finally takes his father to bed and his mom them arrives home by herself and collapses on the couch. She almost knocks down the tower but Bilal saves it, just in time. ⠀ Then, he discovers a wrapped hidden baby next to his mom. He picks her up and she stretches, hitting his tower and crashing it to the floor. (My kids thought it hilarious, because their little sister always knocks down their lego towers) Bilal is sad that his tower got knocked down, but he doesn’t blame the baby. The book ends on a hilarious note that shows just how tired the parents still are!⠀ ⠀ This was a funny story full of lessons for kids. Teaching children about how parents get tired from taking care of a new baby, showing the importance of doing wudu in order and facing the qiblah, and showing how siblings should be patient with each other.⠀ ⠀ This story is perfect for gifting to kids who just had a new baby sibling. Seeing how caring Bilal is with his sister helps inspire patience in other kids and make a relatable, albeit frustrating issue funny.⠀ My kids really liked it, though I did find some parts of it a little far-fetched, like Mama driving herself home from the hospital a few hours after giving birth or even Baba sitting in a tricycle. It was really funny though, and I see that the exaggerated humor is on purpose, to make readers laugh!

We loved reading the book!!

Get yours from @ruqayas.bookshelf


price: 12.89 usd

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