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Books with Black Muslims

Racism has no place in Islam! No place in any religion! No place in any country! No place in the world!

No place in our homes!

And yet, unfortunately, many times, our kids are raised in a bubble of only knowing their own culture or color and not experiencing anything out of it.

And that can create racism. Internally. Un-knowingly.

It is never too early to teach your kids to be anti-racist.

And we Muslim book bloggers and authors have put together lists of our favorite Black-led Islamic books, to help bring awareness to them and promote them!

Follow the hashtag #muslimbloggersagainstracism for all the lists. And make your own posts using this hashtag!!

We hope that in reading these books to our children, and talking about how racism is wrong, we are helping them learn to be anti-racist!

Islamic Books with Black protagonists:

⭐️Rami the Ramadan Cat

⭐️Muhiima’s Quest

⭐️Little Brother for Sale

⭐️Bismillah Soup

⭐️How Much Does Allah Love me?

⭐️The Great Hair Exchange

⭐️The Proudest Blue

⭐️Ramadan Around the World

⭐️Bibi’s Blessing

⭐️Bashirah and the Amazing Bean Pie

⭐️Yaseen’s Big Dream

⭐️Nanni’s Hijab

⭐️Basirah the Basketballer Says Insha’Allah

⭐️Paradise is Oh So Nice

⭐️One Hundred Flavors of Ice Cream

⭐️Mommy’s Khimar


⭐️The Sadiq Series

Click on each to go to the link and buy and support these authors and black-led books!

⭐️Also guys: We need more! A call for Islamic publishers and authors to come out with more black-led books!❤️

⭐️Please let me know about more in the comments so that I can buy, read to my kids, review, and support!

⭐️The truth is that we have a long way to go as an Ummah and we need to address these issues, even if it is uncomfortable. Islam is perfect, but we are not, and its time to talk about it, change our homes and our communities, and make sure our kids grow up in a much better world! A world without racism.

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