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Boost your Imaan with Omar and Rayaan

This came in our @bismillahboxkids last month!

Genre: Puzzle book

Ages: 5-8

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

This 5 pillars puzzle book is so unique and useful, and my kids loved it!!

There are five puzzles, one for each pillar, and they are made of medium cardboard pieces perfect for kids to hold and play with. The pieces have a background that you can put them on in the book, which helps the younger kids find their place and put them more easily together. I did find the pieces a little difficult to push into place at times, but the kids still enjoyed putting the whole puzzles together!

The book is based on the story of two friends, one of whom teaches the other all about the five pillars. I loved all the information present! There were many ahadith and Islamic tidbits and it is a very good resource for learning the pillars as you put the puzzle together! I did notice some grammar issues, but nothing too major.

This book is made of high quality board material and cute and vibrant for kids! It has become a family favorite for sure!

Make sure to subscribe to @bismillahboxkids to get Islamic books each month. New themes every month!

Next month: Alhamdulilah!!! Count your Blessings📿📿📿

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