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Chef Yasmina and the Potato Panic

A cute and entertaining graphic novel about a little muslim chef❤️

Genre: Early Graphic novel

Ages: 7-10

Available: amazon, my page, link in bio

Screening: some stealing of veggies from a garden

Yasmina is a little Muslim girl that loves to cook. Her mom seems dead (as evidenced by a photo of her mom wearing hijab near their dinner table) and her dad is a single dad working to support the family. Yasmina loves to cook healthy food, but when the local gardens are shut down by a big potato chip developer, she struggles to find vegetables for her recipes. Can she figure out what the evil mastermind developer is doing and stop him before the whole town turn into a bunch of dog-like humans??

What a hilarious book that touches on the idea that “you are what you eat”. Healthy sustainable living and supporting local produce is touched on, as well as pesticides and how to deter animals in a non-harmful way.

I really enjoyed how the book was cleverly written, and it was wacky in a hilarious kid-friendly way and so beautifully illustrated.

Islam is shown in Yasmina’s mothers hijab, her name and her dads name Omran, and the wife of the local grocer also wears hijab. Couscous is cooked implying North African culture.

As a whole, a fun to read graphic novel kids will enjoy! My daughter, a reluctant reader, flew through it in a day and keeps asking me for more like it!

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