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Cinderella: An Islamic Story

My daughter is one of those girls that really likes Disney princesses, and is always wanting to be like one, dress like one, etc... and while I personally love the idea of princesses myself, I do find myself wanting at times to change certain aspects of popular stories that might be impressionable to young minds. My main issue: I don’t want my little girl to think her purpose in life is that she has to wear a pretty dress and go to a party to impress a “prince”.⠀ ⠀ Now, while certain aspects of this “muslim” Cinderella story from @kubepublishing were nice, the main problem I had was that it STILL included the princess going to a “Eid party” and being married to the prince at the end, though his mom was behind much of the marriage proposal and not him.😂⠀ ⠀ I also felt like my daughter was so sad and shocked that the “muslim” stepmother was so cruel to cinderella and that when fire cinders burned her clothes, they laughed at her. I felt like this was a bit extreme for little ones, and honestly the ending where the stepmother is forgiven doesn’t add up at all. While forgiveness is awesome, I don’t think evil actions should be normalized in a book.⠀ ⠀ I also thought it was a little strange that her “fairy” grandmother appeared out of nowhere and said she was traveling for a long time. This confused my kids and seemed unrealistic. ⠀ The parts I liked were the concept of being patient with trials and that Allah would always bring ease and comfort to those who are good. I like that good triumphs in the end, and that cinderella wears a beautiful hijab and abaya! I really liked her sparkly shoes (they are shiny and metallic and touchable in the book!) ⠀ The pictures are beautiful and the book and pages very good quality.⠀ ⠀ I would like to see more young princess stories, but ones that are empowering to our little ones and don’t imply that they have to get married to leave a bad home life. I would like to see more on how they can be happy by becoming better Muslims and how trust in Allah is what gets you to a better place in life. Mamas-what do you think? Are princess stories sending the wrong message to our kids?

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