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Coco's Journey

This is a new Ramadan book by Dareen monshi. It is also available in Arabic! ⠀

Coco is a brown shipping box and the story is told by his point of view which I found extremely adorable. He arrives at the door of a family and is played with by the kids. Coco talks about all the games they play, and then, an unfortunate accident happens and the box is ripped! Up to this point, I didn’t really know what was gonna happen or how it related to Ramadan. But I was pleasantly surprised as I kept reading. The kids color and decorate the box, and it becomes a mini Masjid!!! This was so exciting and adorable!⠀

I loved the pictures! And I loved the Arabic and Ramadan details illustrated throughout the book.⠀

Unfortunately, I did notice some grammar issues and typos. It doesn’t affect the story much, but I do wish an editor was used. It would’ve made the story perfect!⠀

I was told by the author that this book is available in Arabic as well, and I assume the Arabic version is probably better linguistically even though I did not see it. I actually would love to read this book in Arabic and review it separately based on the Arabic words, and I believe that I would love it even more!! ⠀

I really liked this sweet book, and the cute twists and adorable illustrations it had.⠀

Get yours from Amazon kindle.


price: 5 usd

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