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Connecting with Allah

A BEAUTIFUL book on the names of Allah, one I can see being gifted to new hijabis and in gift baskets for halaqas❤️

Genre: MG nonfiction poetry

Ages: 12 and up

Author: Mona Zac

Illustrator: Neamah Aslam

Publisher: Prolance

This gorgeous book is exquisite, and so special, I can see it be a treasure for young Muslims, especially if they are into art and poetry!

Containing over 60 names of the 99 names of Allah, this book is an absolute delight to read. Each name has the English transliterated name and the meaning, and then a poem written on the name. I loved how creative the poetry got with describing the names of Allah, and the rhythm and language seemed very suitable for the upper middle grade ages.

Each page spread has a reflect and act section at the end of it, and at the end of a cluster of pages, is a journal section to write duas using Allahs names as well as the exact sources from the Quran and Sunnah where these names are from.

The names all seemed very authentic and sourced well and I noticed the author is a student of Islamic scholarship working towards ber ijazaah, which is amazing!

And the ART! Oh my Allah, it is absolutely delightful, truly the art put the whole book at another level, in which each page spread brought more beauty visually to each spread in an appropriate and sweet manner.

The gold embossed cover just compliments the whole book and I can see this as a gift option or halaqah book club read for older tweens.

Check this book out, its at @crescentmoonbookstore ❤️❤️


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