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Cranky Kareem says Alhamdulilah

One of our FAVORITES ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Genre: Picture Book⠀

Ages: 5-8⠀

Available: @crescentmoonbookstore

Islamic notes: love how it taught true gratitude and the meaning of Alhamdulilah!⠀

This new book by @kazimawajahat is absolutely delightful!!!⠀

The Salams are these cute new fluffballs with such big personalities and funny names that you just can’t help loving them! I can’t wait to see more titles about the Salams!⠀

In this book, Cranky Kareem is CRANKY! He is so mad about everything, and everything is going wrong! What makes him even more mad is seeing Happy Hamdi so HAPPY. So he comes up with a plan: make Happy Hamdi cranky too.⠀

Cranky Kareem throws obstacle after obstacle at Happy Hamdi on his way to the Masjid but Happy Hamdi just keeps saying Alhamdulilah!⠀

Finally Cranky Kareem has enough and he yells out that how can Happy Hamdi keep saying Alhamdulilah when everything was going wrong.⠀

Happy Hamdi explained all the positives of the obstacles and how he looked positively at the situations, his good attitude making all the difference in the outcome.⠀

Cranky Kareem is still not convinced of this outlook, but as he stomps away he pauses on a traintrack to think. Just before the train comes, he is knocked out of the way by a passing jogger. And although his foot is hurt, Cranky Kareem is so grateful not to be crushed by the train, he finally learns to say: Alhamdulilah!!⠀

I genuinely loved how this book was put together! It is so creative and a lovely story to teach children to look for the positives in every situation and to always say Alhamdulilah. ⠀

My kids were so enthralled while I read and they loved the story too!! And they kept looking for their own silver linings the rest of the day too and saying Alhamdulilah! ⠀

Cranky Kareem was so funny and the kids loved seeing how he finally learned gratitude, and I liked how it was done naturally and not in a preachy way. The story definitely teaches a moral lesson, and does it in a fun way. It is also memorable and unique and one of a kind!

We can't wait for more of the Salaam series!

price: 17 usd


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