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"Cutomized" Perfect Eid

I am so excited about this book! I genuinely believe it is the first of its kind and absolutely so well-made and beautiful.⠀

The book is a personalized Eid book for young Muslim kids, including their name, a friend’s name, and a special letter at the beginning from “mama” with the mama’s personal name too! All the details are taken during the order, and there is a boy version as well.⠀

We received the girl’s version, and I was so pleased with it! The small details like all the perfect illustrations, the loving smiles on all the faces, and all the Eid decor really made it feel festive.⠀

The book includes facts about Eid, which I thought was absolutely awesome! Kids will learn about Eid’s own crescent moon after Ramadan, and sunnahs like washing yourself, and dressing in beautiful clothes. I loved how their was different clothing from all over with their names specific to each area in the world. ⠀

Eid prayer is shown, Zakat al-Fitr being given, a mention of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), and the customs of applying henna and playing games at Masjids.⠀

The Eid party at grandma’s house is beautiful and sweets from all over the world are shown, including their names from each country. (Examples like baklava and jalebi, etc)⠀

The book ends with a Eid Mubarak to the child with their name in bold letters, making them feel super special, and with Mariam’s favorite color PINK❤️⠀

Mariam’s eyes lit up as she saw the book was specifically for her! She smiled as she read my note personalized to her in the beginning and she flipped through the pages in excitement. She giggled a special giggle when she saw her friend’s name is Amina (another personalization and actually her own sister’s name). She jumped up and down when she saw all the pretty Eid outfits and asked me which one she would wear. When she saw the food, she laughed in excitement and asked me when Eid was! We love desserts in our house😋⠀

This book is the perfect Eid gift for any child!⠀


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