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Daris the Bosnian

Age recommendation: Ages 9-12⠀

Screening: there was blood and fighting, but nothing too gory. My son did say it was a little scary and he is 9.⠀

This is an interesting Eid book for sure, and so very unique!⠀

The book is split into chapters and each chapter is made up of a few pages of verse. The verses do rhyme, although forced at times, and the story does flow nicely. It reads a little differently than regular, kind of similar in style to historical fables and tales. The verses only serve to make the story more epic-like and they are very good at telling the story. I was very engaged and emotionally moved while I was reading.⠀

Daris is a Bosniak competing in the Eid archery competition to win the hand of Nejra, a woman in his town. Fedja, a little mischievous kid, loosens the saddle on Daris’s Horse, and in the ruckus after winning the competition the horse runs away to the mountains with Daris on its back.⠀

When he comes back to his town he finds that Giants have attacked his village. He rushes to get the towns treasure which is a special sword, and then he fights the giants to defend his town. He has to defend his fiancé’s life too and together they work hard to protect their town from the Giants.⠀

A week later Daris and Nejra are married, and the epic tale concluded. ⠀

I like how the book concludes with a historical commentary about Bosnia, and the “Sarajevo roses.” I really appreciated that the verse structure is inspired by oral traditional verse from the southern Balkan area. I also really enjoyed seeing historical landmarks and scenery from Bosnia throughout the story. The authors note it was very nice to read and was informative in learning more about the story and I recommend reading it.

I really like how this book is a testament to Bosnia to inspire Bosniak children to be proud of their culture and for others to learn more about it.⠀

This book actually inspired me to do more research about the Sarajevo roses and the siege of Bosnia in 1992-1995 and it broke my heart. The book does a good job providing awareness while also mixing it in a fable that kids would enjoy! ⠀

Get yours from Minaret Mountain books.


price: 17 dollars

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