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Dear Black Child

A gorgeous book by a Black Muslimah author that is a ray of sunshine for every bookshelf! Genre: Picture Book Ages: 4-6 Author: Rahma Rodaah Illustrator: Lydia Mba Published by Balzer and Bray/Harper Kids This book is a ray of sunshine, a beautiful rainbow of hope for every black child, and any child can relate to it and find beauty in its pages! The book asks black children to take up space, to walk proudly, to be proud of their names and heritages, to seek refuge and stand strong and speak loud, to write their own stories and weather the storms by looking towards the light! What an incredible book! Even reviewing requires me to speak beautifully, because each word is lyrically written and exquisitely picked and each picture is gorgeously vibrantly drawn! I felt my heart move and I smiled wide and read this to my children, and my kids smiled with me! Especially when we spotted the hijabi mom in the pictures!! Yay for Muslim rep! Def a must have book❤️❤️ #dearblackchild #rahmaroodah #muslimbooks #muslimauthor#muslimchildren #diversepicturebooks #picturebooksforkids

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