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Deenhubb Arabic Felt Letters

This item was in some of the first @bismillahboxkids ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰โ € โ € Rating: 10/10โ € โ € The Arabic Felt Cards are wonderful for little kids learning the Arabic alphabet letters. โ € โ € The softness of the felt is perfect for young ones, and the letters are also popped out and touch and feel, with the ability to be traced by little fingers. โ € โ € The letters come in different colors to their background and so stand out clearly for learning. There are two letters on each felt square, on different opposite sides. โ € These can be used as flashcards, with the letters being flipped back and forth, and covered and then uncovered, to help with letter memory. โ € โ € The letters come with a string to hook them through. You could have your child try to put them in order with the string themselves. This helps them with memorizing the order of the Arabic letters!โ € โ € You could even use the letters separately, asking your child to take each letter and place it on an item starting with that letter!โ € โ € The possibilities of games with these are endless, and their soft felt nature makes them perfect for little ones that might rip through regular flash cards.โ € โ € These are sold individually at @deenhubb if you want to get them!! โ € Helpful hint: you save money when you get these items from @bismillahboxkids . Buying the box contents individually not only takes more time and effort from you, but also costs more. Each item in the box bought individually costs almost as much as half an entire standard box (with 5-7 items)!

Individual PRICE: 22-35 usd


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