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Dinosaur Ramadan Coloring Book

We received this in our @bismillahboxkids Ramadan Edition: It’s Iftar Time!!!⠀

🌟🌟🌟Definitely one of my Favorites!⠀

Dinosaurs! Ramadan! Need we say more??⠀

This cute coloring book is perfect for little ones in Ramadan! My toddler loves it, my six-year-old loves it, and even my eight-year-old loves it!!⠀

Each page is made of good quality paper and has unique Ramadan coloring pages sure to inspire the kids to keep busy coloring during the long Ramadan days.⠀

My toddler loves to paint and she painted over a few of the pages (messy and thick paint too) and I was so pleased that the pages did not bleed over into the ones after them and each following page stayed perfectly clean to color next time. Some coloring books will even bleed through heavy markers to the next page and so this was impressive to me!⠀

I also really like the dinosaur theme for Ramadan!! It’s really unique and the pages are vibrant and creative full of Ramadan phrases and objects!⠀

The pages each have a white back that could be useful in cutting out to be colored by different children at once.⠀

I was so impressed by this coloring book and I would recommend it for keeping the kids busy while prepping for your Ramadan Iftar!⠀

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This coloring book is available on Amazon prime (for under 6 dollars!) and on my Amazon page in the Ramadan books for kids category🌙

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