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Directory of Islamic Authors and Bookstores

I recently was told by a Muslim Author that when we buy books on Amazon, the authors get paid next to nothing! While Amazon is no doubt known for its convenience and easy checkout ( I personally have used Amazon for years to buy books), it saddened me that we are not supporting Muslim Authors and Muslim companies as much as we could be.

So, on this day, I ask you, please use Muslim Companies to buy your books, and if you want a specific book from an author, look on their instagram page and website, or even dm them, and you will likely find the link to their books. Honesty, I oftentimes found them much cheaper than Amazon, anyways!

Some of my absolute favorite Islamic bookstores are:

1. https://www.siraj.co 2. https://crescentmoonstore.com 3. https://islamicbooksforkids.com 4. http://www.easterntoybox.ca 5. https://www.ibraheemtoyhouse.com 6. http://www.kubepublishing.com 7. https://www.deenhubb.com 8. https://suhaylakids.myshopify.com





For Arabic books: 1. https://www.alif2yaa.com 2. https://www.arabicbookamonth.com 3. https://www.maktabatee.com




Some of my favorite authors/publishers:

1. https://www.rummanapublishing.com 2. https://ruqayasbookshelf.com 3. https://www.tayyabasyed.com/bookstore 4. https://www.muslimchildrensbooks.co.uk 5.https://www.littlemuslimbooks.co.uk 6. http://www.prolancewriting.com 7. https://civilianpublishing.com 8. https://zairzabrplay.com




12. https://noorkids.com

Please send me a message if you want to be included, and I either forgot to include you, or don't know you.

So please, support our Muslim Writers and Publishers! You not only get a great book, but good deeds for supporting Muslim Entrepreneurs. I will be aiming to post and tag links on all my reviews to direct Islamic Websites and Authors pages for everyone to easily follow and buy inshaAllah!

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