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DIY Arabic Board Game

Instructions for the DIY Arabic Board game that is in my free downloads section:

Arabic Letter Junior game:

1. Print out two copies of the free template of letters (pre-made into Arabic Animal names) preferably unto card-stock to make it more durable

2. Cut out the letters

3. Tape two pieces of construction paper side by side

4. Add a sideways different color construction paper to serve as the inside of the board game. Add an extra strip of paper if you want it to be even on all sides.

5. Cut out the numbers and place them on the side to make a place for the game pieces to move and show who is winning.

6. Use the empty squares to write the first Initial of those playing as a game-piece for each individual playing

7. Place the pre-made Arabic Animal letters in order on the board with glue. Add or take away words as you please. Be creative!

8. Once they are stable, use tape over them and the numbers to keep everything in place and make it more durable.

9. Put the extra letters in a bag and have each person grabs 2 letters. Let the youngest start and try to fill up a word with the 2 letters he/she has.

10. Once he/she is done putting their letters on the board, they can grab more letters from the bag.

11. Keep going in order until someone covers a full word. Each person can move their game-piece however much the letters of the words are that they cover.

12. The one to make it to the end the fastest wins!

Arabic Letter Game alternative:

1. Use the other side of the two construction papers taped to each other.

2. Each person grabs two letters and makes up their own words.

3. You go by turn, each putting two letters down until all the letters are finished.

3. Tally up how much each person completes words by the end. The longer the words are that each person makes or completes, the more points that person gets (based on the amount of letters. Each letter equals a point)

4. Whoever completes the longest and most words wins! You can complete other player's words to steal their points!

This game is similar to Scrabble and Scrabble Junior and can be also set up in any way you prefer. These are just suggestions to help.

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