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Do you see it: A Eid book.

The ten day countdown to Eid has begun and what better way to get ready but with Eid books like this cute new board book with I spy elements.

Genre: Board Book

Ages: 0-3

Author: Aayesha Ahmed

Illustrator: Azra Momin

Publisher: Compass books

This cute Eid board book follows a family getting ready for the holiday. The first page shows a cookie cutter missing, then, a button for a dress, then a vase for flowers, then crayons for Eid cards before finally being ready for Eid!

I really enjoyed this board book and trying to find everything with my children was fun. The items are pretty easy to find and I kind of almost wish there was more in the book and even a bit more difficult to look for as well.

Definitely a sweet book full of Muslim joy and cute illustrations and one that little hands will enjoy reading over and over.


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