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Does Allah know I'm Sad?

A sweet story about loss and told in a very faith-oriented way.

Genre: Adv. Picture Book

Ages: 6-9

Author: Heba Subeh-Hyder

Illustrator: Aatena Hasan

Publisher: Prolance

In the third book about Maymunah, she visits her friend to play with her and her cat. But when the cat dies, Maymunah struggles to grieve and help her friend with grieving, and her mom helps by telling her what to do to try and heal.

I liked how Muslim-centered this story about loss, and appreciated how it included real ways one can use in order to grieve and feel the sadness of loss.

I like that picture books are addressing loss in books lately, and this book, among others, is a great resource for children on how to deal when hard things happen.

I also liked the disability rep and the beautiful gentle nature of the story-telling, which is sure to help young ones process their emotions, especially those who love cats! (My daughter was so sad about the cat dying!)

This an important book with lots of learning moments for children- check it out


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