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Drawback to Reviewing pdf books

@muslimkidsbooknook and I have partnered to talk about this important issue.

There are actually many drawbacks to reviewing pdf files on our pages, and honestly, we really believe that if authors/publishers do NOT send their books in this format, and instead send reviewers HARD copies of their books , they are actually going to end up saving money in the long run. Why?

1. Safeguard your work! Pdf's are unfortunately easily spread. There are many individuals who copy/send pdfs of books around, and then it will make it's way all over whatsapps and web pages.

2. Pdfs do not display picture books accurately. I review based on the quality of the pages, the look of the pictures, how my kids perceive the book, and the whole feel of the books as I read it. How am I supposed to do that from a quick read on a pdf file?

3. Pdfs make for bad Instagram pictures. The pictures I take of the books I review have been many times shared and loved, as well as used to show a sneak peek of the book for potential buyers. Pdf file pictures are so often very average, and rarely inspire any sales of the book.

4. It is genuinely not enjoyable for me to read out of a pdf file, no matter what the book is or how good it is. I love to hold books in my hands and its just not the same on the phone.

5. I cannot count how many times I have been reading a pdf and had to exit it, and then I come back and completely lose my page! Then, if its a long file, I have to comb through pages and pages to find my place again.

I hope these are reasons enough to not share pdfs of your work, even to reviewers. Take care of your writing and value it, so that others won't be easily able to take it. "Tie your camel," as the Prophet (pbuh) said.

Please understand that a reviewer tries to review a text as nicely and as honestly as possible. And not sending PDFs of your work will definitely help a reviewer help you in boosting awareness about your work.

Also, as reviewers ourself, we additionally ask people to respect our time and energy. Finding the right words, taking pictures, and making posts about a book requires a lot of work on our part!

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Check out @muslimkidsbooknook for her points as well!

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