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Duaa Pillow

This pillow is a great reminder for the kiddos (and forgetful parents😉) to read the duaas and Quran before bed! It even has a cute little nightlight, and is so fluffy and soft that my kids love to hug it. It has a button for ayat alqursi, a button for the three QULS, a button for duaa of sleeping, a button for the duaa of waking up, and a button for anasheed lullabies. This is a must have and my kids absolutely love it❤️

Let’s talk sleep!!! My first two children were in general good sleepers. My third, on the other hand, still struggles to sleep even now after one year. Honestly the lack of sleep really messes with me! For a long time, I was very depressed because I felt dazed from the lack of sleep and yet still the pressure to be the perfect mom. Mom guilt is real! Eventually, I learned I had to let some things slide if I wanted to survive, and just take a nap even if I had a ton of work! Cooking, cleaning, laundry, extra-curricular activities, even baths for the all depends on the day and how I feel. I also majorly struggle with insomnia, and so even when the kids sleep, I find it hard to, and by the time I sleep, the baby is awake! Stressing myself out only made it harder to fall asleep, and me accepting that I cannot control everything and not thinking about it honestly helped me mentally deal with it, weird enough. I have accepted the lack of sleep and just adjust the next day with more caffiene, a nap, etc... How do you deal with the lack of sleep? Also anyone see a difference in how they were with the first child and how they are with the last? I feel like I was way stricter on my first than my third, which might explain why she is so clingy and high maintenance.

Get it from @ibraheemtoyhouse and @desidollcompany for 36.99 usd.


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