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Egypt Board Book

A gorgeous new board book all about Egypt!!

Genre: Board Book

Age: 0-3

Author: @ayakhalilauthor

Illustrator: @magdaazab

Published by @barefootbooks

Available: Preorder before the October release!

This gorgeous board book is so vibrant and colorful, it just exudes joy!

The book follows a little girl as she gets ready for a day in Egypt. She wakes up, gives a kiss to her parents, washes up, eats ful, visits a fruit stand, walks along the Corniche, and plays with her grandparents.

I love how many Arabic words are used in the text! It was beautiful to see the pronunciation help for the words.

The pictures are adorable and there are little areas where babies and toddlers will love pointing out colors and fruits. My kids love when board books get interactive!

The end contains a little spread about the day in Egypt and extra pronunciation and learning!

I enjoyed this book and love seeing the beautiful authentic Egyptian joy on the pages. Hoping for more countries soon❤️

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