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Eid Mad Libs

A huge favorite in my house and one I def plan on gifting to family members!!

Genre: Eid Game book

Ages: ages 7 plus

Available: Preorder on Amazon!!

Literally, we have been doing a few stories a day ever since we got this (we have no actual patience to wait for Eid) and we are still laughing and having a good time completing this!

The game is that one person fills the word bank with words (lo and behold we discovered that some members of my family aren’t sure of what an adverb is, ahem husband loll). Then you fill the words into their corresponding pages of the story and read aloud the funny results!!

These stories are all about Eid, but with yourself filling the blank, really, anything goes and the results are HILARIOUS! (We managed to get one dollar as eidi and bake halal hot dogs as a dessert😂)!

I can see this booklet being given in Ramadan or Eid baskets, or even in a really cool goody bag, played during Ramadan to pass time till Iftar, and even a Eid activity! (At only five dollars, its really not pricey to buy multiple)!

Def a must have and I am so happy my kids live in a time to see this positive representation and feel themselves seen in popular games!!❤️

Thank you @saadiafaruqi for writing it and @penguinkids for my gifted copy!!

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