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Elisha The Eid Fairy

I think what sold me on this book was seeing my daughter’s face when she saw a hijabi fairy on the cover of a chapter book😍 YES representation matters, even in cute little fantasy rainbow books!!

Genre: Chapter Book

Ages: 6-9

Available: Amazon, my page, link in bio

Screening: it is about fairies and magic, so a fantasy if you are uncomfortable with that

Elisha the Eid fairy has been kidnapped by Jack Frost with her special magical Pelita Lamp! Can Kristy and Rachel help save her and save all the Eid celebrations around the world! Or will the grumpy Jack frost win in his celebration being the only one ever allowed!!!?

Seeing a Eid fairy in a series about Jack Frost and how he seeks to ruin other holidays was actually so cool. Being represented in such a silly and fun book warmed my heart and made me smile!

I liked that the book kind of implies that Jack Frost is being “villanous” because he is not inclusive and wants to prevent other celebrations (religious freedom). I liked that Kristy and Rachel didn’t know what Eid was, but they still helped Elisha and supported her right to her celebration❤️

Eid was defined really well on a few of the page spreads, with an emphasis on feasting, family and friend gatherings, and giving charity to those in need! Ramadan was mentioned too as the month of Fasting for Muslims, and the emphasis of happiness and gratitude was wonderful to see!

And honestly seeing a fairy in hijab is just the coolest thing ever lol.

Check it out❤️

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