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Eliyas Explains Angels

Genre: Early Reader Graphic Chapter Book (Planet Omar style)⁠

Ages: 6-10⁠


price: 7 usd


Islamic notes: lots of Islamic facts about angels!⁠

True to the usual fun (and funny)@zanibmianstyle, this beautiful start to a new series from@muslimchildrensbooksis everything it promised!⁠

Eliyas introduces himself and his family at the beginning. He is trying to sleep (but can’t because of all the cola he drank) and goes downstairs for cookies. His dad wakes up and they start discussing angels. Mischievous Eliyas continues making loud noises until the whole family wakes up and talks about angels.⁠

The story concludes with Eliyas going to bed and thinking all about how cool the angels are.⁠

I loved all the angel information, information about Jibreel and Mikail (new info even for me!) and also mentions of the Prophets (AS), Hajar (RA). The end includes extra information and hadith about angels in a kid friendly format!⁠

This book is wonderful, and I look forward to more books in this series! I hope we discover more about Eliyas, and see him learning more and entertaining us along the way.

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