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Eliyas Explains Miracles

Book two of the amazing Eliyas Explains series is here!!!! Genre: Early Reader/Chapter Book Ages: 6-10 Available: @muslimchildrensbooks @crescentmoonbookstore Islamic screening: a doodle on one page, cover, and back to represent Buraq and the definition of him as a flying horse- images of ghayb are discouraged to my knowledge in Islam and his actual description in ahadith is as a different steed unknown to us and with special transportation powers. Book two of this educational series by @zanibmian is here and I honestly enjoyed it even more than the first book! Eliyas and his family are on a camping trip, and Eliyas forgets the food bag! As he thinks about how to tell his parents, they discuss the Prophets and their miracles. The full moon reminds them of how one of the miracles of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the moon splitting. Many other miracles are mentioned, like water coming from his blessed fingers (pbuh), and the Quran being a miracle in itself. Prophet Dawoud (as) and Prophet Sulaiman (as) miracles are mentioned as well (talking to animals, controlling the winds and flying on a board/carpet, and extracting special metals from the Earth), Prophet Musa (as) miracles of splitting the sea and having a staff turn into a snake, Prophet Isa (as) miracles of healing and turning clay birds into live ones with the permission of Allah, and Prophet Ibrahim (as) protection by Allah from burning In the bonfire his people threw him into. Eliyas and his cute relationship with his siblings and parents is super fun to read, and I enjoyed the story line of this book more than the first. Aasiyah mentions Migo and Ali which we all thought was pretty hilarious. The Islamic knowledge is so impressive and extensive for this age group, and the questions in the back were super awesome as a recap. My concern with the Islamic facts are that they aren’t sourced, and I hope that in future books, pages are used to source the Islamic knowledge to provide authenticity to all the knowledge- as nonfiction resources should be. I do still feel like this book is fun to read and a good way for our kids to learn Islamic knowledge! Can’t wait for more in this series!!

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