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Environmental Sunnahs

“Allah loves those who show compassion and care, like the man who gave a thirsty dog water to drink in his shoe, though he had nothing to spare.” ⁠

Genre: Advanced Picture Book⁠

Ages: 6-9⁠

Available: @bedtimesunnahs@prolancepublishing@muslim.memories and on my Amazon page- link in bio!⁠

I immediately started reading this book the moment I got it! I love Shaykha Alia Dada’s other book and the concept of this one is also so unique and intriguing and much needed!⁠

The rise of Islamic non-fiction resource books has been so needed and is impressing me so much lately! I love that picture books are teaching kids more and more, and with fun and creativity. And this one is so beautifully made!⁠

First off, the hardcover, glossy pages, beautiful pictures, and curvy font made me instantly love it! Pictures don’t do it justice to be honest! ⁠

As I read and flipped through, I loved the environmental topics covered. The author’s note introduces readers to the environment and why we should care about it. It is so absolutely important for little Muslims to learn that this is a part of our sunnah, to care for the world that Allah created.⁠

The book is written in lyrical rhythmic writing, and although it does contain rhymes, they aren’t uniform. Rather it reads (and looks) like the waves of a sea, words and ideas flowing and rhymes coming and going. And though I am usually super picky about rhymes, honestly, in this book, it totally works!! My kids also agree, they flipped through it and loved and understood it.⁠

One of my favorite parts was the little “did you knows” on each page spread, teaching children both Islamic and Scientific facts! I just love the amount of knowledge jam-packed in this book, and kids will learn so much by reading.⁠

And as per usual in Alia Dada books, the extensive hadith and Quran sources in the appendix at the back were amazing! I love being able to learn the source to the hadiths in the back and I felt like its made for me, an adult, to read and learn once I finish reading to the kids.

Def an amazing new Islamic release and in my opinion an absolute MUST HAVE! Buy a gift for family, schools, and libraries too❤️⁠

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