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Escape from Syria

Genre: Graphic “mini” novel (less than 100 pages)⠀

Ages: 12 and up⠀

Available: Amazon⠀

link: https://amzn.to/3iiR8lr

Islamic screening: ⠀

Child marriage present in story/mentioned in index.⠀

Violence/blood shown in pictures.⠀

LGBT reference in the introduction.⠀

ISIS was described as adopting a strict interpretation of “islamic law”, when in reality, ISIS was denounced by Muslim scholars, and was considered as operating out of the scope of Islamic law in many ways. ⠀

Story: Amina is a young girl living peacefully and happily in Aleppo, Syria. When her home is bombed during the Syrian revolution, her family is forced to flee to Lebanon. Their problems don’t end there. They face poverty, greedy smugglers, and legal residency issues.⠀

When Amina’s little brother gets meningitis, and they can’t afford any medicine, Amina has to stop school to work and help her family.⠀

Her father tries to flee but fails, and the family considers marrying off Amina to protect her from what seems to be rape/harm. She tells her story to her UNHCR representative and they offer the family resettlement in Canada.⠀

The family is hopeful for a future and they realize that everything takes time to adjust and get used to.⠀

I found this book very informational, especially for those who don’t know much about the Syrian conflict and how it started. It made me cry in many parts and I had to stop and compose myself.⠀

I did find some “facts” possibly being a little biased or influenced by the author views, and thought the justification of the Lebanese government laws against Syria a little exaggerated. ⠀

But overall it was a book that will help older children learn more about Syria and why refugees leave their countries. ⠀

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