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Everything Points to Allah series

A nice Stem series with Islamic influence, and a wonderful 10 book resource set for little Muslims.

Genre: Ten Chapter Book set

Ages: 8-12

Available: @timaskitab

(Full disclaimer: I haven’t read every single page as these are full of a lot of information)

This ten book set is made of ten different STEM topics around the world. Each book is similarly written to an early reader, with divisions of topics, beautiful illustrated pages, little additions of Islamic notes, and everything being related back to Allah and how Allah created everything.

The topics of the books are:

Seasons and our Planet

Our Body and us

The Colourful World of Animals

The Colourful World of Plants

Traveling Underwater

Living Beings and Their Abilities

The Sky and Beyond

Nature and Technology

The Beauties of the Earth

Traveling Underground

My kids did enjoy looking at these books and flipping through them, and the covers are absolutely gorgeous with sparkles and fun touch edges, the pages glossy and pretty to look at.

I did notice a few language and editing issues that could have been improved, but as a whole appreciated this set and can see it being useful in Islamic schools and homeschooling.

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