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Farah Rocks Summer Break

Genre: Chapter Book

Ages: 8-10


price: 16 usd


Islamic screening: very clean, full of teachable moments and lots of science facts. (A real experiment at the end)

Farah is an Arab Christian, not a Muslim, but I loved the similarities in foods (like hummus and Tabouleh), the Salaam, and words like habibti, etc.

Warning: spoilers ⭐️⭐️

Story: this is the second book in the Farah Rocks series, and I also SUPER LOVED this one! My son also kept reading it until he finished it (even without me prodding him to read, which is rare!!)

Farah has been accepted at the Magnet school, and there is a summer science camp that she really wants to go to, but can’t afford.

Her parents struggle to make ends meet, and she sets out to make all 650 dollars for the camp herself, by holding a yard sale, mowing lawns, and tutoring.

Farah goes through struggles and sabotage, but she holds her head high and uses her lovable ingenuity to come up with solutions, until she finally makes enough money to pay for her camp!!

But..her parent’s car breaks down and they are short money to buy a new car, and she decides to give them the money instead of going to camp. (This part made me emotional)!

Farah’s parents make sure their daughter heads to camp and they still manage to get the new car, but the beautiful generosity of this little girl was so inspiring to read!

Honestly, this book is full of teachable moments where Farah does the right thing. It is inspiring to see a character take responsibility, be a fabulous big sister, and have pride in her background!

I also love how she is an Arab Christian, and the book series highlights a group that otherwise might not be represented! It is important to see diversity in all our kids read, and I like that this book shows that Muslims/Arabs are not synonymous, and that there is diversity everywhere!

This series is one of my favorites and I absolutely recommend it❤️

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