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Fight Back

A much needed timely book about fighting back against Islamaphobia and Injustice. Genre: Upper MG Ages: 12-15 Author: @a.m.dassu Published by @leeandlow in the US Available: Releases October 2022 in the US Screening/TW: a bomb goes off in a concert the mc attends, and a scary aftermath. Some islamaphobic altercations (it did read age appropriate), concert/music Aaliyah is in Middle School and is excited to go to a concert with her friends. But when a bomb sets off by terrorists claiming to be Muslim, the concert is ruined and everyone gets scared. Aaliyah also has to deal with her best friend’s brother telling her Islamaphobic remarks and spreading around the town that Muslims are terrorists. Aaliyah has a hard time coping after the attacks, and decides to wear hijab to help herself feel stronger. But when the school bans all religious symbols, Aaliyah has to band together with other people in her school and stand up for justice. Wow, this story is so needed in these times. A world in which Muslims truly face Islamaphobia, and many kids face bullying, needs books like this to teach empathy and also resilience. I liked how the book contained actionable ways to take action in communities to change racist laws and rules. I also liked how it showed examples of coping after dealing with trauma. Islam was very present in the book, with Aaliyah choosing hijab, praying, salaam, nafl shukr, and more! I hope books like this will help teach children to stand up for each other and always stand up for what they believe in.

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