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First Festivals: Ramadan

A beautiful little board book with little lift a flaps about Ramadan⭐️🌙

Genre: Board Book

Ages: 0-3


With 14 pages and 7 lift a flaps, this Ramadan book is stock full of information about Ramadan. I was truly impressed with the definitions, the illustrations, and of course the interactive part of the book.

The first page uncovers a crescent moon and defines Ramadan, the second spread speaks of and shows charity and doing good deeds, the third spread shows suhoor being eaten and defines fasting accurately, iftar is then defined, and taraweeh shown in the flaps and defined alongside the Quran. The last spread is about Eid, and saying goodbye to Ramadan for this year!

I loved that the information was accurate and I noticed on the back that an IMAM was consulted on this! How awesome for a major publisher to consult with an Islamic leader on a Muslim book. Truly so wonderful to see, def helping the authenticity of the book, and very appreciated!

A gorgeous interactive board book with beautiful illustrations, this is an amazing addition to our Ramadan bookshelf❤️

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