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Five Pillars Just to Please Allah

Genre: Board Book⠀

Ages: 0-3⠀

Price: 10 usd⠀



This is the perfect introduction to kids of the five pillars of Islam.⠀

Each page includes a pillar, and how performing it leads to Jannah (inshaAllah). The board book is pretty big and the pages are sturdy for little hands. The pictures are beautiful and vibrant, attracting little ones.⠀

The book is pretty simple and easy to read, and it flows nicely, with an easy rhyme that is fun for parents to read.⠀

At the end is a lift the flap activity with pictures and words to help children to memorize the five pillars of islam. This activity is fun for kids who like to play peekaboo.⠀

I really liked the diversity in the book and the multiple types/cultures of children represented!⠀

My only note for sensitive kids is the page where the zakat is given to poor people, the picture of the “poor children” was really sad and heartbreaking to see. ⠀

Definitely a beautiful book for little ones!

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