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Free Ramadan Inserts for Ramadan Calendars

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

If you’re wondering what to put in your Ramadan Countdown Calendars, look no further: On my website is this FREE printable, 30 Ramadan quiz cards that you can print double-sided (instructions included) and then cut out and place in the pockets. Each quiz card contains trivia for each day of Ramadan. These can be saved and reused over and over every year! Positives of these cards: 1. They take one minute to do- no matter how tired you are, there is no craft to make or activity to do. Its a question and answer and you’re done! 2. They teach kids a fact every day of Ramadan! 3. They are fun to look at! 4. No treats required (no sugar rush or wrappers everywhere) 5. These fit perfectly in the pockets of countdown calendars (they are custom made for desidollcompany calendars, but can fit in any- I have tried!) Head to my website and print them out. No signing up required or any steps. Just a free download❤️


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